So, what am I doing with this blog?

All my wonderful fans who regularly view this blog will understand that this has not been much of a blog at all, and so far I have had a resounding zero posts, which directly correlates to my page views (Less than one million, more than negative one million). Well. here I am changing that with my first post!

What is this “Hiding Keys” you speak of?

Thank you for asking, citizen! This blog will document my exploits as I delve into the world of computer security. I will show you how thoroughly destroying your computer through lack of know-how, making basic mistakes, and eventually fixing it all can be extremely fun and educational. Exploration is the key to discovery, eh?  Hopefully, you’ll learn to find joy in your mistakes with me, as I document my “uh-ohs,” review operating systems and software, and give tutorials on the things I come to figure out.

I thought this was in relation to computer security?

It is, but everyone has to start somewhere. Why not start from the ground up?


I have a few posts to push through as I have had a good amount that has happened since I intended to start this page, so I’ll begin with the past couple of months and get to my current adventures.

Each post will include a rating of my wife, Evan’s, frustration, along with a second rating of how completely awesome I thought the experience was.

Example :

Evan’s frustration with the past month and me crashing my computer several times: 9/10
[She would like to make it clear that losing Windows was not a good thing, I, however, would like to make it clear that I disagree.]

Amount of fun I’ve had with fighting my computer: 11/10

Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “So, what am I doing with this blog?

    • Thank you! sorry for the delay in the blog I had some crazy times at work, but I am starting to establish a time to blog 2 times a week. I will update every monday and friday. Which is not to say I won’t post more than that, but I at least need some schedule. The product on your website looks fun, I’ll have to try it!

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